I have always wanted to know about how many dinosaurs there were? I have been very interested in

dinosaurs for a long time. There is over 500 different types of dinosaurs. The scientific name is
  Some dinosaurs are ankylasours,Pentaceratops,ultrasaurus,Allosaurus,etc.
There used to be dinosaurs because fossils have been found and they have been studied.

My Hero

Matthew Methvin
Heroes are not just people on TV. Heroes can be real people. Heros are all over the
world. You,and your family and friends could be heroes.
My hero is the police because they do good things. Police are helpful because they help
others, and they are protect full. They are determined and brave. They are very trustworthy
and caring . They do their job correctly, and they protect and serve. They are an example of a
leader and a role model. I look up to the police because they are an example of a hero.
The police are not the only heroes. Heroes are all over the world. A hero can be your
mom, dad, brother, sister, doctors, firefighters, your friends, Jesus,etc. Even you could be a


There are many recipes for deer meat but one of the best is deer meat in a tortia.  Deer are also a good thing when you are surviving in the wild because you can follow it to water or food.  Then you can get food and water and survive a couple days.

My Spring Break

My Spring Break went by really fast but it was good.  As soon as I got off the bus on Friday,I knew that I was going to have a good Spring Break,and I was right.  On Monday my Mom,Dad,sister and I went to the Boardwalk in Louisiana.  We stayed there all night.  The first thing that we did was go return a watch that my dad had.  Then we went to Fredereckers.  Man,was that fun.  I had to wit at least 25 to 30 minutes for a table.  When we got a table it took so long for our food that we tried to get our money back but they wouldn’t give it back.  So we just got up and left and ate at Ihop.  for the rest of the week I played video games.